Demand for single-engine flight training aircraft is very high—as you know.  If you want to order new aircraft the waiting time is usually 6 to 18 months.  For used aircraft, some are out there for immediate acquisition, but prices are likely double what they were a short time ago.  In many cases the prices are over $300,000.00 for a 20-year-old aircraft.

Here’s an opportunity from Ameravia, Inc. the U.S. Distributor for Vulcanair and the Southeast Distributor for Flight Designs and a source for used flight training aircraft, single and twin engine.

We currently have a 2018 Vulcanair V1.0 as well as a 2020 V1.0 and two new V1.0 that will arrive before summer get here.  The prices on these aircraft vary between $249,000.00 and $399,000.00.

All aircraft are full Garmin glass and designed to be rugged–ready for the flight training mission and simple and inexpensive to maintain.

We also have a few remaining very low time Tecnam P2006T-SMP multi-engine trainers at very reasonable prices.