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PLANE & PILOT, May 2019 issue, The Vulcanair Is The Not So ‘New’ Kid In Town

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Delaware State University

November 5, 2018. Delaware State University has contracted for the purchase of a minimum of 10 new Vulcanair V1.0 FAA Certified Garmin IFR flight training aircraft.  The purchase was completed with Ameravia, Inc. the Vulcanair U.S. distributor. For the complete press release, click here.

Vulcanair V1.0: Contender

An Italian four-seater takes on the U.S. training market, Oct.23, 2018: Vulcanair V1.0: Skyhawk Killer?

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Vulcanair V1.0: Italian flair meets training market

Certified high-wing single with digital panel available for $278,000

We fly the Vulcanair V1.0 Cessna 172 Competitor

We fly a more affordable trainer from Italy, the Vulcanair V1.0.

Italian Vulcanair V1.0 single earns FAA type certificate

High-wing set to battle Cessna, Piper trainers

Vulcanair single expected to battle Cessna 172

Four-seater ‘fantastic’ for training market

Vulcanair announces four-seat piston single

Vulcanair Certifies Four-seat High-wing Single

Vulcanair V1.0 Receives FAA Certification

V1.0 is expected to make a solid training aircraft.

Vulcanair Introduces Budget Four-Seater

Skyhawk lookalike to sell for $150,000 less.

Vulcanair V1.0 FAA-Certified

Video: Vulcanair’s New V1.0 Four-Seat Airplane

Vulcanair Four-Seater Now FAA-Certified