Special Mission P68 Observer

Universally acclaimed as the most cost-effective airplane for observation and patrol roles.

Designed to provide an alternate and more economic solution in a field were the helicopter has until now dominated.

No other aircraft in the light general aviation category offers the same features:

  • High Wing
  • Twin Engine
  • Plexiglas Nose
  • Six Passenger Capability
  • Airborne Surveillance Ready

Special Missions

Homeland Security Applications

The P68 Series is a proven, effective tool for many homeland security applications:

  • Helicopter-like visibility through the Plexiglas cockpit
  • Twin-engine redundancy for SAFE low altitude flying
  • Standard provision for camera hatch
  • Low operating costs
  • New Garmin Glass Cockpit

Maritime Patrol

Airborne Surveillance
Search and Rescue (SAR)
Immigration Control
Pollution Control

Fish Spotting/ Fishing Activities Control and Enforcement

Thanks to its twin engine that’s safe for flying over the water, exceptional range and helicopter-like visibility, the P68 Observer Series has been operated for years in many different countries for fish spotting, more particularly for tuna fishing, greatly improving the fishing efficiency of professional fishing boats by locating fish populated areas. The aircraft is also used to spot illegal fishing and to enforce fishing Licenses and permits in various countries.

Open Water Pollution Control and Environmental Protection

Thanks to its twin engine that’s safe for flying over the water, exceptional range and helicopter-like visibility, the P68 Observer Series can be operated for pollution early detection and to coordinate emergency vessels in the interested areas, therefore reducing reaction times and overall operational efficiency.





Design Features and Information

Derived from the successful Partenavia P68 Series, the Vulcanair P68 Observer Series is a six-seater, twin-engine, high-wing, fixed landing gear airplane for observation, light transport and air taxi.

The main characteristic of the aircraft is its excellent helicopter-like visibility, obtained by manufacturing the whole front fuselage in Plexiglas. This feature enables it to perform patrol and observation roles with high performance and operating costs much lower than those of a helicopter

Extreme structural simplicity, absence of complicated systems, ruggedness, accessibility to servicing points reduce maintenance costs and put the Observer in a position of outstanding advantage with respect to helicopters whenever vertical take-off and landing in the operative area is not necessary.

Government Entities Currently Operating Our Aircraft

Italian State Police
12 U.S.A. States for Law Enforcement and Wildlife
Conservation Agencies
U.S. Department of the Interior
International Private and Government Operators
Oil companies for pipeline patrol
Aerial Survey companies for advanced digital mapping