Special Mission A-Viator

The A-Viator is an 11-seat high-wing twin turboprop developed to meet the ever-increasing demands, from operators, for an aircraft with high performance and low operating costs.

Its basic design is derived from the successful P68 Series and many of the latter’s features have been maintained.

The retractable landing gear improves the already excellent speed characteristics, and the stretched fuselage allows a more efficient use of cabin space, resulting in a maximum seating capacity of 9 passengers and 2 pilots.

The extreme versatility, ease of maintenance and unmatched low operating costs make A-Viator able to meet the most stringent requirements of the operators.


The A-Viator’s excellent performance perfectly complements its outstanding versatility. The performance data given below is based on test flights, corrected for standard conditions and at maximum weight.

Take-off distance:
  Ground run 1312 ft
  Over 50 ft 2034 ft
Landing Distance:
  Ground run 1050 ft
  Over 50 ft 2297 ft
Rate of climb (two engine) 1550 f/m
Rate of climb (one engine) 1270 f/m
Service ceiling 25000 ft
Service ceiling (one engine) 11400 ft
Max speed (12000 ft) 213 ktas
Max range cruising speed 170 ktas
Stall speed (no flaps) 75 ktas
Stall speed (extended flaps) 69 ktas
Range (cruise speed, 12000ft, max fuel) 850 nm



Design Features and Information

The A-Viator is the direct result of the extensive experience of the company in the design of high-wing aircraft. The excellent performance and economics of the A-Viator can be summarized as follows:

  • low operating costs (low drag and fuel consumption)
  • operation from short, unprepared airstrips
  • twin engine safety and reliability
  • ease of maintenance
  • excellent payload
  • low noise levels
  • outstanding versatility
  • full IFR capability

The ability to meet a wide variety of mission requirements represents the most outstanding feature of the A-Viator. The cabin layout can be quickly and easily changed to suit any type of payload. Its versatility permits the A-Viator to be used for many applications, including:

  • passenger transport
  • cargo operations
  • aerial surveillance
  • maritime patrol
  • search and rescue
  • air ambulance
  • aerial photography
  • training
  • remote sensing platform
  • parachuting