Welcome to the Ameravia Aero Club.  The club has two purposes, first to provide pilots with new and late model rental aircraft at affordable prices and to incentivize these sometime sporadic pilots to keep active with very useful benefits if they fly on a regular basis.

Club dues are $35.00 per month and members are required to have a renter’s insurance policy.  There are NO initiation fees! The club values the social benefits that come with a flying club and will continuously develop more activities as our membership grows.

Members of Ameravia Aero Club, if they commit to fly at least nine hours per calendar quarter, thirty-six hours per year, will receive:

  1. Free time with a CFI
    • two to six hours per year depending on your plan; silver, gold or platinum.
  2. One hour of free aircraft flight time each calendar quarter to keep current in a second aircraft
    • Flight time only, member pays for fuel and instructor.  Member can use benefit one if available, if an instructor is needed.
  3. The ability to take an aircraft on overnight trips and only pay for the time used. *
    • From seven to fourteen days per year based on your plan.
    • Must have been a member in club on a plan for at least six months to start use of this benefit.

*Benefit will start when the club has decided it has sufficient aircraft.

Ameravia, Inc. is the U.S. distributor of Vulcanair Aircraft.  The Vulcanair V1.0 is the core aircraft for the club. Ameravia will have access to many of these aircraft over the coming years which will allow the club to grow as rapidly as the demand by members.  The club will also acquire other new and late model aircraft in the LSA, high performance single and twin piston-engine markets mostly through leasebacks.

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Contact information
(305) 338-7979 ext. 2
14299 SW 127th Street, Hangar 105, Miami, FL 33186