Ameravia, Inc. was founded in 2015 to consolidate several operations under one corporate identity. Principally, the company is the U.S. distributor for Vulcanair aircraft. It currently sells the P68 line of twin piston- and turbine-engine aircraft, and the new V1.0 single-engine aircraft.

The consolidation brought together the previous companies that sold new and used light-sport aircraft, as well as aircraft maintenance and flight school operations in addition to the Vulcanair sales.

Under the leadership of the Chairman of the Board, Javier Cervera, and CEO, Christopher Benaiges, the company is working to expand into aviation-oriented real estate holdings, as well as other maintenance and flight school operations. It recently announced the addition of Michael McMann, the recent publisher of PLANE & PILOT magazine, as V.P. Sales & Marketing, to help drive the expansion.

Ameravia, Inc. looks forward to working with our customers for aircraft sales throughout the U.S., and maintenance and flight training in South Florida, with plans to expand to other major markets in America.